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Santis Global Partnership (Click Here to Learn More)

written 2nd January 2020

Santis Global

Exciting news!

For 2020, we are proud to announce Nexus Smart and Santis Global will begin working together, bringing enormous benefit to our clients.

What does this mean for you?

Bookings will be the same. If you book international or UK overnight couriers online, simply carry on. If you book on the telephone, again nothing has changed, other than there will now be more operatives in our customer services team to help you out.

What will you notice?

You may get a Santis driver or Nexus driver, depending on who is closest at the time.

What advantages are there?

You will now have the ability to book sameday couriers by booking online on the Nexus website.

Pricing and invoicing will be exactly the same so no change there.

All in all, we are all working smarter for you the client going forward – more resources and more services.

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